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The Civil Engineering Department at the University of Colorado Denver will host the 12th North American Masonry Conference on May 17-20, 2015. The University of Colorado Denver is centrally located in beautiful Denver Colorado near a number of attractions with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.

Important NAMC Dates

  • NAMC: May 17-20, 2015

Come see SAM the robot lay Brick!

The 12th North American Masonry Conference will host Construction Robotics brick laying robot SAM. SAM short for Semi Automated Mason will work alongside a mason and a mason tender on a Hydro Mobile mass climbing work platform building a 40’ foot long and 4’ high masonry wall.




The 12th North American Masonry Conference will be hosted by the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Colorado Denver and will be lead by Dr. Frederick Rutz, University of Colorado Denver (UCD) and Michael Schuller, Atkinson-Noland & Associates (ANA), with local support from the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute (RMMI). The Masonry Society will coordinate the NAMC and serve as its primary sponsor along with support from the masonry technical community.

The North American Masonry Conference (NAMC) is a forum for the exchange of scientific, engineering, architectural, construction, evaluation, and repair information on masonry. The conference includes technical papers and sessions, panel discussions, and other methods of information exchange. The conference, which is organized by The Masonry Society and a local hosting University, is now held every four years (up through the 8th NAMC in 1999 it was held every three years), and the most recent NAMC, the 11th, was held in Minneapolis Minnesota on June 5-8, 2011.

For the 12NAMC additional efforts will be made to involve contractors, producers, designers, and those concerned with masonry training. A key aspect built into the themes will be the promotion of masonry in the local, regional and national markets.


  • To provide a technical forum for presentation of scientific, engineering, and architectural information relative to masonry products and masonry systems

  • To provide for a Proceedings to act as a permanent record of scholarly technical papers related to masonry

  • To provide a forum for engineers, architects, contractors, producers, suppliers and others interested in masonry to exchange information and network with each other

  • To provide a forum to educate designers about the effective use of masonry

  • To provide a forum to promote the use of masonry

  • To introduce the international masonry community to the educational programs and activities at The Masonry Society, the University of Colorado Denver, the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute, and to the greater Denver area.






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