2008 MSJC Errata

The Masonry Society has assembled, reviewed and approved the following errata for the 2008 Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures (TMS 402-08/ACI 530-08/ASCE 508, TMS 602-08/ACI 530.1-08/ASCE 6-08 and Companion Commentaries). If additional corrections are found to be needed, TMS will post updated errata here.

If you find a provisions that appears to require an errata, please contact TMS via the e-mail address below and describe the correction you feel is needed. TMS will consider the issue, and if appropriate, include the correction in future errata. If you believe more major changes should be considered, you may also forward those to TMS who will forward them to the Masonry standards Joint Committee for future consideration.

2008 MSJC Errata as of 2012-04-16

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